• Arrow keys, hjkl, or wasd to move.
  • [Space] or [.] to wait.
  • [1 - 9] to invoke your god\'s blessings
  • [;] to look around you
  • [b] to show descriptions of blessings
  • [e] to show descriptions of enemies
  • [?] to show help screen


  1. Find the upstairs < on each floor.
  2. You don't need to kill every enemy.
  3. Find the Jewel of Zot * on Level 7 to win!
  4. Each Blessing costs 1 favor to invoke.
  5. Blessings are powerful, but you can only use 3 per level. Choose wisely.
  6. Levi favors those who progress. Health and favor are restored each level.
  7. New blessings become available each level.

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